Value Add connects!

Sales, Marketing, Business Development

You want to strengthen your market position, increase your revenues and acquire new customers. You need to have market information, optimized or new sales channels and contacts. You donĀ“t have the time, however you want to start immediately and avoid non projectable costs.

The right case for prodialog concept.

We have the market knowledge, a very effective network and the corresponding know how.
We offer services in the areas of sales and marketing as well as in business development, use synergies, where you will benefit from. Full or partial services, national or international, consulting, conception, realization - we always act flexible and innovative according your individual demand.

Our service portfolio:

  • Market research, market evaluation, development of new target markets
  • Conception and realization of marketing and sales activities
  • Agency of prospects and customer contacts, acquisition of new customers, customer care